Why is my PC clock not accurate?

Q. I have noticed that the clock in my computer isn't very accurate. It seems to lose time at several minutes a week. Do I have a computer virus?

A. Not likely. The clocks in computers are not very accurate. This function is done by a special clock / calendar chip on the motherboard that runs off a battery. The time base for this chip is a crystal controlled oscillator that would not be affected by a virus. The software merely reads in the output from the chip at regular intervals. The crystals drift a bit, which throws the clocks off.

You can change the date and time by double-clicking on the My Computericon on your desktop. When the window opens, click on Control Panel,” and when the Control Panel window opens, click on Date / Time.” The window for this will then open, and you will see a calendar with the date highlighted and a clock on the right. Below the clock is a box you can use to set the time. You can use your mouse to set the date and the time zone you are in, too.

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7/20/2018 9:20 PM