Intro to Microcontroller Programming with Lab

14 hands-on lesson will teach you microcontroller programming using the PIC16F1937 board. No experience necessary. Includes everything you need to complete the course.

Intro to Microcontroller Programming Course with Lab

Whether you’ve never written a single word of code or you’ve been doing it for years, this trainer package will give you a thorough introduction to Microcontroller Programming.

The microcontroller used on the board is the PIC16F1937 from Microchip. The programming language is BASIC using the PICBASIC PRO Compiler from ME Labs. The programming skills you develop here will apply to any microcontroller in any programming language.

- Compatible with Windows 7/8/10

- Learn the fundamental concepts of programming, from plain-English descriptions of software tools to concepts including program flow, loops, coding techniques, binary manipulation, device-to-device communication, user-interface design, and more

- 14 Lessons use a building-block approach to teach you incrementally, from a 6-line program to a working user-interface

- Tutorial assumes no prior knowledge of programming

- All necessary hardware and software included, all you need is a computer with a standard USB port

- Includes real development tools and technology that professional engineers use, including PICBASIC PRO(tm) Compiler and a PICMicro(R) microcontroller

- Includes a Student Edition of PBP which supports a limited selection of devices (12F683, 16F688, 16F690, 16F88, 16F886, 18F25K20, 18F25K22, 18F2550, 16F1937)

- Program in simple BASIC language while learning concepts that can be applied to any programming language on any hardware platform

Trainer board features:

    Built-in device programmer
    32MHz microcontroller
    LED indicators
    Pushbutton inputs
    Analog inputs
    2-line LCD
    Digital temperature sensor
    Touch-sensor keypad
    RGB color globe


    Installation and use of software
    Blinking an indicator for a system test
    Reading inputs and driving outputs
    Displaying text on an LCD
    Reading analog voltages
    PWM explained and demonstrated
    Using on-chip timers
    Capacitive-touch sensing
    Simple machine-interrupt for time-keeping
    Reusing previous lesson code to construct a working user-interface
    Binary tricks of the trade
    RS-232 Serial Communication with a PC
    I2C Communication with a digital sensor
    Configuration of a microcontroller
    Reading a microcontroller datasheet

Each chapter will serve to introduce one or two new concepts and in many cases will also incorporate lessons from previous chapters.  The exercises offered at the end of each chapter are designed to challenge you to put into practice the lessons from both that chapter as well as those from previous chapters. 

As with any language, proficiency comes from practice, and the more engaged you become in the exercises the more fluent you’ll become with PICBASIC PRO!

How do I order the Intro to Microcontroller Programming Course with Lab?
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2. Or you can call us at (800) 243-6446 and ask for course 02-821.
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