Instrumentation Course

Self-paced instrumentation course. Learn fundamental instrumentation measurements of temperature, pressure, level, and flow in industrial applications. Includes interactive online resource with quizzes.

Instrumentation Course


Instrumentation and Process Control is a comprehensive resource that provides a technician-level approach to instrumentation used in process control. With an emphasis on common industrial applications, this textbook covers the four fundamental instrumentation measurements of temperature, pressure, level, and flow, in addition to position, humidity, moisture, and typical liquid and gas measuring instruments. Fundamental scientific principles, detailed illustrations, descriptive photographs, and concise text are used to present the following instrumentation topics:

  • Process control and factory automation measurement instruments and applications
  • Control valves and other final elements
  • Digital communication systems and controllers
  • Overview of control strategies for process control
  • Safety systems and installation in hazardous locations
  • Systems approach to integration of instruments in process control

Includes an interactive online resource with end of chapter Quick Quizzes®, an Illustrated Glossary, Instrumentation Resources, and Reference Material. These activities enhance the content to provide additional information and assessment.



Instrumentation Course Chapter Titles: 

• Introduction to Instrumentation

• Temperature Measurement

• Pressure Measurement

• Level Measurement

• Flow Measurement

• Analyzers

• Position Measurement

• Transmission and Communication

• Automatic Control

• Final Elements

• Safety Systems

• Instrumentation and Control Applications


Textbook: 691 pages, 557 illustrations, hardcover


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