Electronics Training - Fundamentals

Learn to master the fundamentals of electronics with these self-paced programs.

Get the exact training that's right for you with our complete line of CD, video and certificate courses!

Desolder Course

Learn to desolder and solder with this complete training course. Includes circuit board, 100 components, manual, iron & pump.

Basic Electronics Course

Our basic electronics course with hands-on training lab allows you to learn electronics troubleshooting at home with real world experiments and online exams.

Beginners Guide to Reading Schematics

Learn step by step through every phase of understanding and using electronic circuit diagrams of schematics.

Building Your Own Electronics Lab

A guide to setting up your own gadget workshop. Create your own electronics lab customized for your needs and numbers. Perfect for a CIE student or hobbyist who wants to build a workshop.

How to Diagnose and Fix Everything Electronic

This hands-on guide shows you how to repair and extend the life of all kinds of solid-state devices, from modern digital gadgetry to cherished analog products of yesteryear.

Introduction to Surface Mount Technology

Gain experience identifying, soldering and using surface mount devices by physically building an actual working surface mount technology project.

Schematic Diagrams

Step-by-step, this book shows the reader how to recognize schematic symbols and determine their uses & functions in diagrams.

Current, Voltage & Resistance CD Course

Learn electronics with detailed diagrams and step by step instructions. Includes quizzes.

Resistor Color Code CD Course

Learn resistor color codes with detailed diagrams and step by step instructions. Includes quizzes and a resistor color code chart on CD.

Ohm's Law CD Course

Solve ohms law problems with this Ohm's Law CD course. Learn electronics with detailed diagrams and step by step instructions and quizzes.

Electric Motor Drive Troubleshooting

Electric motor drive troubleshooting course covers installation, testing, and troubleshooting procedures with online exams and virtual activities.

Troubleshooting Electronic Systems

Troubleshooting Electronic Systems Course with step-by-step training and quizzes on CD.


Learn printreading skills for installing, maintaining and troubleshooting electrical systems and equipment.

Reading Electrical Schematic Diagrams Course

Reading Electrical Schematic Diagrams Course

Instrumentation Course

Self-paced instrumentation course. Learn fundamental instrumentation measurements of temperature, pressure, level, and flow in industrial applications. Includes interactive online resource with quizzes.