Digital Electronics with Lab I - NO PTL

This certificate course introduces students to digital electronics. Learn to build and troubleshoot digital circuits found in digital readouts with hands-on lab experiments.

Course Description - NO PTL
This course is designed to for the beginner who wants to learn about digital electronics. It will show you with detailed step-by-step lessons and a hands-on training lab how they work, how to actually build and troubleshooting digital circuits.

Learn about the digital numbering system, logic gates and truth tables. In addition to digital devices such as flip flops, counters, adders, multiplexers and demultiplexers.

The laboratory portion of the course elaborates on these subjects with hands-on experiments to further explain them.

Instructor Support & Certificate
Includes instructor support and you can take your exams online on our e-grade web site.

Best of all, you'll earn a Certificate of Completion in Digital Electronics suitable for framing when you're finished!

Course Objectives 
Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

1. Build and troubleshoot digital circuits found in digital readouts
2. Construct timing circuits using the 555 timer
3. Use flip-flops, counters and shift registers
4. Trace NAND, NOR digital circuits and Boolean expressions
5. Build astable, monostable and bistable mulitvibrators
6. Understand pulse-processing circuits and then transmit binary bits 
7. Discuss the operation of gates and switching circuits
8. Recognize digital circuits such as AND, OR the NOT inverter and draw logic circuits
9. Use binary coding and computer arithmetic
10. Transmit binary bits by parallel, serial, synchronous, and asynchronous transmission 


CIE's Personal Training Laboratory.

Digital Electronics with Lab contains 13 lessons with hands-on training experiments using CIE's Personal Training Laboratory. You can take your exams online with our convenient e-grade site anytime you want.

Parts kit and instructor support are included with tuition. Our instruction staff works directly with you one-on-one to answer your questions and provide you with technical assistance when needed.

Course Syllabus

Digital Switching
- Binary Signals

- Signal Analysis
- Logic Circuit Tracing
- Electrical Principles of Semi-conductors

Logic Circuit Tracing by Using Boolean algebra
- Basic Operations in Boolean algebra

- Applied Switch and Relay Logic
- Inversion-Oriented Logic Systems

- Building simple A-stable Multi-vibrator

- Building simple Mono-stable Multi-vibrator
- Building simple a Bi-stable Multi-vibrator
- Combining Multi-vibrator types

Important Digital IC Circuits
- Special Types of TTL Logic

- Switching and Pulsing IC’s
- Data Storage and Recall
- Inter-phasing between Digital and Analog
- Analog-to-Digital Converters

555 Timing Circuits
- Internal operation of the 555 Timer IC

- The Mono-stable Vibrator
- The A-stable Vibrator
- Varying the frequency of the 555 A-stable Multi-vibrator

Troubleshooting Digital Systems
- Digital Readouts
- Data Transfer and Data Transmission
- Faults in Integrated Circuits
- System Faults
- Troubleshooting Digital Systems

Digital IC Families with Practical Operating Requirements
- Older Logic Families

- New-generation Logic Families
- IC Logic Gates
- Noise in Digital Systems

Clippers, Clampers and Binaries
- Clippers

- Clamper Circuits
- Binaries

Pulse Processing Circuits
- Pulse Processing Circuits

- Flip-flops
- Clocked Flip-flops
- Binary Counters
- Shift Registers
- Transmission of Binary Bits

Basic Gates
- Diode Gates

Student Evaluation and Grading Method:

Students are required to complete all performance requirements above.  Each of the lessons concludes with an examination comprising of a multiple-choice test. The lessons examinations are open book.

Each lesson exam is worth a 100% and a student must score a 70% or better to complete the lesson.  The final grade for this course will be the average of all scores above 70%.

A 93% – 100% 
B 83% – 92% 
C 75% – 82%
D 70% – 74%              

What do I get?

• Certificate upon finishing
• Instructor support & Online exams
• Lesson Books with 13 assignments
• Parts Package for your experiments

Instructor Support & Certificate

Learn from the comfort of your own home and study when it's convenient for you - there are no time limits. Includes instructor support and you can take your exams online on our e-grade web site.

If you ever need help with your course you can call or e-mail our staff of highly trained instructors for immediate attention or you can join the chat room and ask a question.

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