Building Automation Control

Learn building automation control with this self-paced course that comes with a textbook and cd.
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This self-paced building automation control course provides a comprehensive foundation for the integration of commercial building systems, such as HVAC, lighting, and security sytems. 

A building automation system is a network of “intelligent” control devices used in one or more building systems. Building automation systems operate cooperatively to share building information and control system devices automatically according to programmed logic. 

This introductory course lets you master the fundamentals and quickly move on to more advanced topics. Learn about the operation, signals, and functions of sensors, actuators, and other control equipment used in automated systems in commercial buildings. 
The illustrated, full color textbook is organized by building system, and each system is explained so that the function and application of each device is clear. This system-based foundation is then used to discuss the possibilities of interaction between multiple systems in automated buildings. 
Lesson Topics
• Introduction to Building Automation 
• Electrical System Control Devices and Applications 
• Lighting System Control Devices and Applications 
• HVAC System Control Devices 
• HVAC System Applications 
• Plumbing System Control Devices and Applications 
• Fire Protection System Control Devices and Applications 
• Security System Control Devices and Applications 
• Access Control System Control Devices and Applications 
• Voice-Data-Video (VDV) System Control Devices and Applications 
• Elevator System Control Devices and Applications 
• Automated Building Operation 
Interactive CD 
The interactive CD-ROM includes information to supplement the full color textbook including the following: 
• Quick Quizzes® that offer 10 interactive questions for each chapter, with embedded links to textbook content and to the Illustrated Glossary. 
• An Illustrated Glossary provides a helpful reference to commonly used terms. Selected terms are linked to interactive illustrations and media clips. 
• Flash Cards provide a review of key terms and definitions. 
• Media Clips consist of animated graphics that reinforce and expand upon textbook content. 
• Review Questions (in a Microsoft® Word file) correlate to chapter objectives and serve as a knowledge check.
• A link to where you'll find supplemental information and support like a Community Forum, Downloadable Files, Product Updates and additional Internet Resources. 
Open Enrollment 
You can start this program at anytime and there are no time limits - so study when it's convenient for you. 
This comprehensive self-paced Commercial Building Automation Control Device course includes a full color textbook (407 pages, 375 illustrations), interactive CD and provides a solid foundation for a training program in building automation control.
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Start your Commercial Building Automation Control Devices and Applications training today.
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