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Lesson 2342B-6 seaming contradiction question
Q. In lesson 2342B-6 I am confused by a seaming contradiction.
Paragraph 2 of Topic 17 describes the leads as shown in fig. 36a & fig 38a. However fig.38d shows what I believe to be a different configuration.
Is the flat sided transistor from fig38b a different configuration that I need to memorize next to that of fig36a or am I missing something? Do I then also need to memorize fig 38 b, c & e?
A. Memorization is such a double edged sword. While it does help in the short term, it defeats the purpose when we are exposed
to the information applied differently than we memorized.
Since it does not fit the same way, we typically cannot see how
to apply it to the new situation. In terms of the different lead arrangements, we have illustrated them using typical pictorial drawings.
If you are actually working with transistors, I would highly recommend that you refer to the specification sheet for the actual lead arrangement.
I tried doing what you are suggesting (memorizing), and blew up several until I realized that what I memorized as connected ECB was actually EBC.
It would be better for you to understand that different types may or may not have the same lead arrangement and to work with them as they come.