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PLC training options - what's right for you?

PLC Training options

Programmable Logic Controllers are being used and a variety of factories and industries to products many different products across the world. It is only a matter of time before an electronics technician is expected to expand on his electronics training and learn about PLC technology and enhance his electronics training to include subjects on PLC troubleshooting and PLC programming.

While experience best guides an electronics technician’s career path it is very important to look into new ways to perform better and become more valuable employee. One way is to introduce Programmable Logic Controllers into the skill set you already have.

PLCs are best adapted to a control a wide range of automation tasks. Right now most PLCs use Ladder Logic Diagram Programming, which tell it to run a particular set of instructions. You can start learning Ladder Logic Programming at home or you can enroll in a school in your local neighborhood.

The advantages of learning at home is that it is much more affordable than enrolling a brick and mortar school. CIE Bookstore carries a variety of self-paced PLC training courses designed to give you an introduction to PLC theory, operation, installation, programming, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

PLC Training Certificate Course

CIE Bookstore’s PLC certificate course is a distance learning program that will show you how to program and troubleshoot programmable logic controllers. It was designed for the entry level designer and no experience is needed.

It comes with instructor support, online exams and certificate of a completion. This PLC course is a distance learning certificate program that includes lessons on Programmable Logic Controllers, Servo Motors, Servomechanisms, PLC programming and PLC troubleshooting.

The goal of this PLC training course is to provide the student with the necessary tools to analyze a typical application and learn how to develop a written program for it. Learn interfacing and troubleshooting techniques too. By the course's end, you will have the necessary knowledge to both understand and work with programmable controllers!

PLC Training on DVD

Get instructional PLC training with these detailed DVD courses. You can view them as often as you want and review them whenever you need.

PLC Training on DVD includes 4 hours of video lessons and a 146 page study guide.

Servo Control Troubleshooting on DVD will show you the knowledge and skills needed to competently troubleshoot and repair most servo drive problems.

PLC Training - Build your own PLC System

Learn how to build your own PLC with this complete kit with all the parts to build a PLC system. This course includes everything you need to rapidly develop a fully working Programmable Logic Controller system.

PLC Training on CD

These interactive training programs are on CD and contain complete courses to help with your PLC training.

PLC Trainer This CD course on Programmable Logic Controllers begins with basic concepts of programmable logic controls and then builds on these basics to increasingly complex concepts - and includes analog instruction and LogixPro simulator!

As technology continues to grow more complex, employers will look for electronics technicians who are skilled in new technology. An increase in the number of jobs related to PLC technology and manufacturing should create job opportunities for PLC technicians and electronics technicians with the appropriate certification.